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November is National Entrepreneurship Month!

November is National Entrepreneurship Month!
Nicole Kruse, AEI Coach

As the students at Aspen Academy continue to create and innovate their business ideas, it's time to celebrate the month of November as National Entrepreneurship Month!

If your son or daughter has caught the entrepreneurship bug, here are several fun ways to get started!

1. AEI has developed a Kids Classifieds board near the front office at Aspen Academy!

Does your son or daughter have an old bike taking up space in the garage? Or maybe they have some skis they've outgrown? It may be time for your kids to sell some of their old "stuff."

Aspen Academy AEI is offering a safe space for our students to sell their used items.

There are a few guidelines for selling items:

a. The students are responsible for creating the classified.

b.Students must have parent permission (a parent signature on the back of the classified) to confirm they have permission to sell the item for the price requested.

c.The classified should be no larger than a 5x7 piece of paper.

d.The classified should include: a picture of the item, a description of the item, the student's name and a parent email address, and the price of the item.

e.All classifieds should be turned in to Mrs. Kruse's mailbox and once approved, they will be posted.


Ad example bike

2. Young Americans YouthBiz Holiday Marketplace is still accepting applications for young entrepreneurs to sell their products on Dec. 2 and Dec. 9. There is a $25 table rental fee, and the profits are yours! Students will have an opportunity to make some money and have hundreds of people learn about their business. Not to mention it's great experience for our kiddos to practice their pitch.


3. Have your son or daughter watch some children's business pitches for inspiration. Here are a few of my favorites:

4. Ask your son or daughter about their class business. Some questions to get you started:

a. How did your class choose the business?

b. What problem is the business solving?

c. Whom are you marketing your product/service to?

d. How are you funding your business?

e. Do you have any hesitations, fears or concerns?

f. What makes you excited about your class business?

Whatever you choose to do, find a way to celebrate the month!